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How to setup your 

ABYX device?

Removing the wristband
Charge your ABYX FIT HR

Insert the tracker into any USB port and you will see a Battery icon  on your tracker's display indicating the charge status

*Note: Please make sure that the screen faces down when you are charging the tracker on your computer.

A full charge takes about one to two hours.

While the tracker charges, you can tap the screen to check the battery level. A fully charged tracker shows a solid battery icon.

Installing the App

Download and install the application from the App store or the google play store. Open the application, register and log in to your account to be guided through a series of instructions which will help you setup your ABYX Fit HR

Continue following the on-screen instructions to connect and pair your ABYX Fit HR to your mobile device. DO NOT pair the device through the Bluetooth settings, the tracker can only be paired through the ABYX FIT application.

Pair device

Click Add a new device on the "Device" tab and select '' ABYX FIT HR'' 

(Note: If you are unable to pair the tracker, please check the phone settings---Bluetooth > ABYX FIT HR > Forget this device)

After you found the device,  Press the “Pair” in the App and long press the watch screen to finish the pairing process.

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